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To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable visit to Ashmire, we have a short set of rules that we expect everyone to abide by for the duration of their stay with us.

The Final decision of whether or not certain behaviours violate these rules lies with Ashmire Leisure Ltd. Staff.

Rig checks will be frequently carried out


Rods are not to be left unattended

Maximum of 3 rods per person

Vehicles and Parking

Strictly no parking on grassed areas or swims at any time. You may unload/pack your vehicle from the driveway adjacent to the swims and then park near the stock pond as signposted.


Always close to gate when arriving or leaving. Always clear up any litter.

Nets and Mats

Nets, mats and slings must be dry and placed out ready for us prior to beginning fishing. All angles must have well-padded unhooking mats and a landing net of at least 42"

Fish Retention

No fish are to be retained for any longer than 10 minutes.

Other rules

No under 18s unless arranged with management.

No dogs/pets unless on an exclusive booking.

No loud music, no open fires and BBQs must be off the ground.

Bait boats are allowed.

Damaged Fish

Apply antispetic/propolis to ALL damaged areas including hook holds, lifted scales and damaged fins. Please report any serious damage to Rob on 07971 965877

Chods, Bait and Line

No naked chods, no plastic/artificial baits and no lead-core. Safe lead-free leaders and rig tubing are allowed. A minimum of 15lb mainline is required for carp fishing. The only exception being 12lb mainline for floater fishing.

Island swims and boats

Anglers are welcome to use their own boats and life jackets, but ONLY if fishing the island swims.

Life Jackets must be used at all times.

Boats are only to be used during daylight hours and only to access the island for fishing. Please do not fish from boats, bait up or position rigs for a boat, and please do not explore the lake by boat.

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